The Falling of the Giants: Why McDonald’s Death is Inevitable

For almost the entirety of its long lived reign over the makers of cheap food, McDonald’s has lived on the premise that it is a friendly place where you can stop by to grab some tasty, inexpensive food all while losing no more than five minutes of your time. It may not seem like the most innovative or groundbreaking idea of all time, but through relentless advertising and shameless lying, the company managed to make itself the most recognized brand in the entire world for half of a century.
However, as the times began to change and the number of vegetarians, vegans, and animal activists began to skyrocket, McDonald’s began to face a new obstacle. By the year 2000, most people were aware of the negative health-effects of consuming glorious items such as the McRib, Shamrock Shake, and other fine concoctions served up under the golden arches. This wave of hate towards the company only got worse after the Blockbuster movie “Supersize Me” was released and was shown to children in schools all around the nation.
At this point in time, McDonald’s realized that it was basically futile to give any attempt to restore their image, so they gravitated towards a different approach. It had now become obvious to the firm that the only positive aspect of their “food” products was their inexpensive price. So, logically, the advertising team at the fast food chain decided to start targeting low-income families. This tactic proved to be effective, especially in the years following the crash of 2008.
Effective, but not abiding:

That’s a dismal chart, and the impacts have been severe. 
Yes, McDonald’s is still a giant by all means. With over 14,000 stores in the U.S alone, the fast food chain is one of the largest in the world. But, in a time where Wall Street bankers are greedier than ever, size is no longer a factor if your profits aren’t increasing every single quarter. If McDonald’s doesn’t think of something ingenious soon, then they will start to feel the impact of their stagnating profits.
In my opinion, the company really is stuck. Think about it for a minute: If they try to conform to the rest of the healthy-eating society, they won’t last because nobody would go to McDonald’s to eat a salad. If they continue with their old ways, then they will keep customers who only go there for a cheap bite to eat, but then will gradually begin to lose these loyal clients following the same trend that is currently taking place.
However, it seems like Wall Street doesn’t agree with my opinion, as the McDonalds stock hasn’t really taken notice of the persisting downward trend in the company’s same-store sales.

Crash Clues–The Implications of Today’s Sudden Stock Carnage

Here are some numbers to take into account:

TWTR down 1.61 (5.83%) to a below-IPO 26

NFLX down 9.57 (7.84%) 

ANFI down 1.77 (38.06%) 

MCUR down 9.07 (75.27%)

S&P 500 down 43.88 (2.11%)

DJI down 358.04 (2.06%)

TSLA down 13.07 (5.12%)

TWC down 3.86 (2.02%)

It seems as if many investors today collectively realized that most stocks are overvalued and have been inflated to the point where they are no longer sustainable. Although a large portion of the market suffered noticeably large losses, what we just witnessed was not a full-fledged crash, but is a hinting to what is awaiting us in the future. For the first time in a while, the world got to observe what consequences come as the result of an unjustified bull-run that has brought the majority of stocks to record highs and gave tiny burger chains billion dollar valuations. However, things could have been much worse. Sadly, a day is going to come when things do get much worse. And by the looks of it, this infamous “doomsday” that has been fantasized about so much by conspiracy theorists is not very far away. At this moment, the entire stock market (and the entire world, for that matter) is teetering on the brink of an unavoidable cliff, supported only by those who believe that  stocks are going to continue to grow and meet Wall Street’s ridiculous expectations.

What this signifies:

One day, things are going to catch up with us and we will all have to face reality. My prediction is that, like always, stocks are going to make one final hail-mary leap before crashing to the ground. Just be alert for sudden, unexplained price increases.

Stock Market Crash - Stevan Noronha